Day 627: Without Escape

Posted: 2012/07/28 in Indie Games

Perhaps you’ve heard of “Decay – Part 1”. If not, go read that review right now, and come back.

Done? Good. I’d recommend looking at “Without Escape” as well. It’s also a point-and-click adventure with a horror theme. It’s more “Myst” than it is “Monkey Island”, as you are pointing and clicking around images (sometimes animated ones) as opposed to moving a character around a screen. The story has you literally trapped in a nightmare and you must map out the area, find objects in one room that you’ll need to use in another, and solve puzzles to escape. If point-and-click adventures aren’t your thing then there’s nothing here that will change your mind but, for 80 Microsoft Points with generally high production values, it’s definitely worth investigating if this genre is to your liking.

Here’s what the developer (MaikelChan) has to say about the game:

“Without Escape is a point & click horror graphic adventure game where you will enter a nightmare that you must escape from.”


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