Day 629: TurboRocket 3

Posted: 2012/07/30 in Indie Games

I’ve enjoyed the “TurboRocket” series of Asteroids-inspired shooters. They take the momentum-based gameplay of Asteroids, but put it in the context of big levels, power-ups, enemies that come in large swarms and many varieties, and maze-like surroundings that create dangers by channeling you into small spaces at times. The sequel, “TurboRocket 2”, brought new levels and a major facelift to the series.

“TurboRocket 3” gets a recommendation, but a qualified one. It’s an iterative change over TR2, more like TR2.5. If you only have the first one, or if you have yet to play a TurboRocket game, by all means buy it for a mere 80 Microsoft Points. If you already have TR2, however, you may find it’s not new enough new here for your liking. That said, it’s still a great game and the price is hard to argue.

Here’s what the developer ( has to say about the game:

“Account: This is a top-down 3d shooter. Purpose: Destroy and wipe out all enemies on each level. Reward: Joy and awesomeness. Variety: Play 1, 2 or 4 players at same screen Challenge: 8 custom-made levels.”


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