Day 630: Cylinder

Posted: 2012/07/31 in Indie Games

Want to feel like you’re spinning in place? The developers of “Cylinder” think you might. The game has you rotating a cylinder around, and rotate blocks of four squares within it, to clear areas. I have seen a few other variants on this theme before, but things I like about this include that you don’t have to get pieces into a line to clear them (any collection of four or more that connect on at least one side of each block will do), and special blocks that (when cleared) fire a bolt of energy through the centre of the cylinder and take out a block on the other side.

There are multiplayer modes (here), as well as survival and practice solo modes, all with the potentially endless replayability that comes from random block drops. It looks and plays well, and does a few things I’ve never seen before, and that’s worth my 80 Microsoft Points and then some.

Here’s what the developer (Mighty Rabbit) has to say about the game:

“Need a challenging alternative to the current wave of “puzzle” games? Look no further… Cylinder is here! Cylinder is a puzzle game that will bend minds of players as it features an original 3D puzzle interface that tasks you with piece placement not only side to side, but across to the other side of your cylinder. Download it today!”


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