Day 631: Firing Range 2

Posted: 2012/08/01 in Indie Games

“Little Racers STREET”. “Avatar Panic”. “Avatar Ninja!”. “Inflamous”. “Wool”. “Infinity Danger” (Day 166). “MotorHEAT” (Day 76). “Little Racers”. Storied titles from the Milkstone Studios stable. Epic achievements in game making, ever one.

They can’t all be that way though. The original “Firing Range”, an FPS tutor/training tool was an interesting idea by Milkstone, but the execution was limited. That’s all been corrected with “Firing Range 2”, which adds variety, options, online multiplayer, and drastically better presentation.

The multiplayer is much like the singleplayer, and really amounts to people training together in a score-attack manner. That raises the question though, is this really a game? The answer is a qualified yes, it does have scoring and objectives, and shooting things can always be fun, but it is definitely trying to train you too (and purports to be good for both beginners and experts). This could be good for someone who wants to hone their skills, and doesn’t want to play online (getting their butt whipped) or through an FPS’ campaign mode (having to slog through story and cutscenes). For what it is, and how little it costs (80 Microsoft Points), it’s an interesting and worthwhile effort.

Here’s what the developer (Milkstone Studios S.L.) has to say about the game:

“The sequel to the top selling FPS aiming indie game is here, bigger than ever! Featuring 12 weapons in 4 categories, sniper rifles, customizable weapons with lots of camouflage sets, night vision mode, and online versus multiplayer. Test your skills against other players in thrilling 1vs1 showdowns! Brought to you by Milkstone Studios.”


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