Day 632: The Hearts of Men: ToD

Posted: 2012/08/02 in Indie Games

“The Hearts of Men” was an enjoyable, Gauntlet-inspired romp. Its sequel, “The Hearts of Men: ToD”, turns things up to 11 with new control options (which makes Gauntlet control as it always should have, allowing you to move one direction while shooting in another), RPG-ish upgradeability, improved enemy AI (and pathfinding), and online multiplayer for up to 8 players.

It does have new levels, but maintains that cramped feel that makes it feel a bit like a haunted house, with enemies jumping out at you with little notice (you know, how tromping through a dungeon and/or maze likely *actually* feels like). It’s enough of a feature set to justify its 240 Microsoft Point price, and a 28 page comic book (for those interested in reading a comic book on their HDTV) rounds out the package. I absolutely recommend a trial of this game.

Here’s what the developer (COLTRAN Studios) has to say about the game:

“Experience the final chapter of “The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit”. Featuring all new gameplay ranging from upgradeable weapons, armor and magic, to an all new control scheme, new AI and pathfinding, new game modes including multiplayer, and a 28 full page comic for story mode, the final release is a great time for any gamer.”


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