Day 634: Learn Basic Italian

Posted: 2012/08/04 in Indie Games

You’ll have to indulge me here. After all, each Xbox Live Indie Games pick is something I actually want to own, and on rare occasions I’ll drift off the path of games and pick up an educational XBLIG. So it is today with “Learn Basic Italian”.

I’m sure Rosetta Stone, or someone, has something that is superior and costs a whole bunch more. But for a measly 80 Microsoft Points, this could be useful for someone preparing for a family vacation in Italy, or who wants to rest their thumbs between runs through other games and practice their Italian instead, all without getting off the couch.

This will be a nice bookend to my German and Spanish language learning titles.

Here’s what the developer (phantomgames) has to say about the game:

“Learn Basic Italian is a simple tool to learn Italian. This app have different categories like Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar.”

  1. Well, I am trying to learn Italian! Now if only there was a Learn Basic Arabic…

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