Day 638: Honey Badger – Slayer of Memes

Posted: 2012/08/08 in Indie Games

Like yesterday’s game, I thought this one might be really terrible, but I ended up being impressed. “Honey Badger – Slayer of Memes” is obviously inspired by Mike Tyson’s Punchout, but instead of fighting your way to Iron Mike you’re struggling up through a ladder full of warmed-over internet memes. There’s Antoine “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife” Dodson, there’s Hungrybear9562 (aka the “Double Rainbow” guy), the Tron due, the Star Wars Kid, and many more. Whether you’re the kind to laugh with, or at, these kinds of memes, you’ll probably find something to appreciate in all this.

The memes factor into the gameplay, as each character has special attacks that factor into what makes their memes well known. Aside from that, the core of the gameplay is all Punchout. High punches, low punches, left and right dodges, blocks, and your own special attacks. It’s differentiated enough to not be a clone (the specials are all quite different), but the core of the game will warm the cockles of someone who’s feeling nostalgic for the NES classic. Worth 80 Microsoft Points to me.

Here’s what the developer (dreamwagon) has to say about the game:

“The ‘World Wide Interweb’ has invaded the sport of boxing! Take on internet celebrity look-alikes in the quest to become the greatest meme slayer of all time.”


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