Day 639: a Voxel Action

Posted: 2012/08/09 in Indie Games

Voxel-based graphics in gamning have been enjoying a resurgence, with games like “Lots of Guns”, “Block Zombies!”, and “Cell: emergence” being part of the vanguard.

“a Voxel Action” is a traditional speed platformer (think Sonic the Hedgehog) but with a 3D camera for the 2D action. At first it seems easy and mellow, more about exploration than challenge, but as you play further into the game the enemies become a bit more thick, the jumps wider, etc., with the difficulty consistently ramping up. To see the results of that you’ll have to play past the 8 minute trial, however.

The game takes place on one loooooooong level, which is really neat. There’s lots to do in this game, with ladders to climb, blocks to smash, jetpacks to strap on, chests to open, secret attacks to learn, and more. New enemies are periodically thrown at you, as are new heights and other challenges to scale. For 80 Microsoft Points, there’s a lot to like.

Here’s what the developer (NeoBlogKossy) has to say about the game:

“Built on old nostalgia voxels are simply jumping action game. In all seamless world, stretch play from start to finish. Get skills you a variety of items, please play with super features! Please enjoy a variety of nostalgia action! © 2012 NeoBlogKossy all rights reserved. [update v1.2] ・localization miss is fixed ・modify other bug”


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