Day 640: Chompy Chomp Chomp

Posted: 2012/08/10 in Indie Games

Imagine Pac Man, except it’s multiplayer, and all the players can be Pac Man depending on what the circumstances are in the level at any given point. Oh, and there are power-ups which further mix up the play, introducing elements that make it feel more like Bomberman. The visual aesthetic during all this is something a little along the lines of Chu Chu Rocket. You might be imagining something very much like “Chompy Chomp Chomp”.

While there is singleplayer to be had, the multiplayer is the meat inside the sandwich. Both local and Xbox Live multiplayer is supported, which is always nice. The developer has provided excellent post release support, with both bug fixes and game-balance enhancements. All that for 80 Microsoft Points? Yes please.

Here’s what the developer (Utopian World of Sandwiches) has to say about the game:

“Chompy Chomp Chomp is a frantic multiplayer eat ’em up to play with your family and friends. Play against up to three friends with local and online multiplayer on Xbox LIVE. Chomp your way through rich and varied arena environments, battle with frenzied power-ups and poison effects.”


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