Day 641: Attanck!2

Posted: 2012/08/11 in Indie Games

“Attanck!” was a pleasant surprise when I discovered it, a doodle-style game that replaces hand-drawn graphics with dot-matrix and has you dealing destruction across long sheets. I especially liked that each thumbstick on the control pad controls an individual track on the tank, like old two-stick arcade tank games from back in the day (such as the one with the black-and-white screen called simply “Tank” that sits in my Mum and Dad’s basement to this day).

“Attanck!2” not only gives us a new selection of levels, but also a larger complement of enemies and game modes to fight through, all added to a formula that I already appreciated. That made it worth 240 Microsoft Points to me.

Here’s what the developer (Daisy Maze Games) has to say about the game:

“The 80s super computer, ‘Deep Thoughts’, is back and printing another evil ASCII army bent on destruction. Assault the enemy in this original campaign featuring all new levels, additional enemies, and multiple game modes in this arcade action title with unique gameplay and retro style. Prepare for the ASCII invasion in 3 2 1 … ATTANCK!”


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