Day 643: Dot Dash: episode 1

Posted: 2012/08/13 in Indie Games

This is the kind of indie game I love to review: inexpensive (80 Microsoft Points), easy to learn, satisfying to play, and virtually no one’s talking about it. “Dot Dash: episode 1” has left me hoping for the sequel that the subtitle hints at.

The game has you racing around and picking up coloured dots, and then dashing (hence the title) around the playfield trying to consume enemies of that colour. Touch an enemy of a different colour and you’re dead. The mechanic is simple, but works really well. Games are fast and fun, and never play the same way twice. For most people this will be that perfect pick-up-and-play game when they just want to relax their brain and give their instinctual reactions a workout instead, but some people will delve a little deeper and consider the tactical consequences of each coloured dot they grab are quickly surveying the playfield. Either way, it’s a great game for a pittance.

Here’s what the developer (Drop Dead Interactive LLP) has to say about the game:

“Dot Dash: Episode 1 is the first in the Dot Dash series. Full of fun and frantic action this game will leave you addicted and begging for one more go!”


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