Day 651: Aron’s Journey in Dreamland

Posted: 2012/08/21 in Indie Games

From a relatively high-profile game yesterday, back to the obscure today: “Aron’s Journey in Dreamland” is a neat platformer that I’ve never heard anyone talk about.

I like that the game takes place across a huge open-world level (as opposed to smaller, discreet levels, like most platformers). The story is a bit surreal at times, but in a fun way. In a nod to the Oddworld games of old, there’s a second playable character you can switch between, and a graphical style that reminds me a bit of classic ’80s and 90s British platformers (think Dizzy, etc.). There’s even a minecart-ish level for those who like their platformers with vehicles levels in them. Originally released at 240 Microsoft Points, this game now sports an 80 MSP price tag and is well worth that for platformer fans looking for another fix.

Here’s what the developer (Meruvia Game Studio) has to say about the game:

“Help Aron in his open-world challenging adventures! Cross dark forests, labyrinthine dungeons and gloomy caves to survive! But hopefully, Aron can evolve to jump higher, get more health, and finally throw fireballs! Beware though, many traps await you. But, you won’t be alone, a second playable hero will lend you a hand!”

  1. I’ve seen the name but never played it or heard anything about it really. ‘Open world’ sounds good though. That’s one of the things I like about A Voxel Action – it’s one continuous level.

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