Day 652: Curse Of Shadows

Posted: 2012/08/22 in Indie Games

“Curse Of Shadows” is a platformer that is made by a team of University of Utah students. I’ve talked here about student-created games in the past, such as “Ultraviolet”, “Hoardzz”, “The Last Pod Fighter”, and “Minions!”.

This game has some *very* interesting gameplay. It plays out on two levels simultaneously: the real world and the shadow world. You switch back and forth between them to move objects, evade capture, and more. If an enemy is running at you in the real world, switch to the shadow world as you run past. If you need to jump to an area you can’t reach, perhaps you can reach it in the shadow world, because in there your shadows can stand on top of other shadows as if they’re solid objects. You can actually move an object in the real world to move the shadow it’s casting, to then switch to the shadow world and interact with the shadow of the object. It’s all really neat stuff, and a fantastic game for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (1BlockEast) has to say about the game:

“Experience the story of a thief who can transform into her own shadow. In this 2-D side scroller, alternate between normal and shadow mode to navigate platforms and solve puzzles. Walk on the shadows of objects to get to new areas, move objects and light sources in order to change the shadow environment. Beware shadow monsters who stalk you and seek to destroy you.”


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