Day 657: Ghosts of Tarr-Minos

Posted: 2012/08/27 in Indie Games

Yesterday and today form a rare pair of reviews: both similar types of games, both from the same developer in fact, but both different enough to be individually recommendable. Whereas yesterday’s game (“LCD Dungeon System”) was like the classic Intellivision game “AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin” de-made for an old-school two-screen LCD handheld (the kind that played a single, in-built game), “Ghosts of Tarr-Minos” updates it the more traditional way: something that actually looks/sounds/plays better than the original.

Looking something like a game designed for a “Super Intellivision” might have looked like, had one ever come out, “Ghosts of Tarr-Minos” smartly invokes nostalgia while still offering an audio/video upgrade over its inspiration.

Shadowgate, Bards Tale, and other classic PC titles were all inspired by “Treasure of Tarmin”, and it’s need to see a modern rendition of it (with new features, such as auto-mapping. This game is a lovingly-coded 80 Microsoft Point homage to a criminally forgotten classic that blazed trails and inspired hundreds of subsequent game developers.

Here’s what the developer (We Love Hamsters Software) has to say about the game:

“Thirty years after the defeat of the dreaded Minotaur, it is time to return to the maze of Minos Island once again in this retro dungeon adventure. Randomly generated items, monsters and mazes will test your luck, skill and perseverance. Seek out hidden doors, locked chests and the best equipment as you delve ever deeper. Relive the times when television had both intelligence and vision!”


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