Day 658: Pendulous

Posted: 2012/08/28 in Indie Games

Playing out a bit like a steampunk version of “CarneyVale Showtime”, but with a very different set of obstacles and abilities, “Pendulous” is more than worth your 80 Microsoft Points.

What, you need more than that? I would have thought that was all the review anyone would need. OK, then. “Pendulous” has you trying to correct a misplaced gear inside a giant machine by grabbing and swinging yourself through, a bit like Spiderman trying to navigate his way through New York City without ever touching the ground. And you don’t want to fall all the way through the machine, as there are hazards below. Not that there aren’t hazards up above too, such as gravity tubes, timed gears that force you to travel through areas at set times, pipes that grow and shrink in size, and things that want to electrocute you at every turn. Steam is your one true friend in this game, helping you gain altitude as you ride steam geysers, and helping you get to areas you need to get to.

The game’s 14 levels are well designed, and the game cleverly extends replay value by offering a harder mode that ramps up the difficulty while forcing you to play through mirrored versions of the game’s regular difficulty levels. It’s a bargain at 80 MSP and well worth downloading.

extending / retracting pipes, lowered gravity tubes, and mobile electrical hazards. Later on, ‘timed gears’ for doors and anchoring bring some needed urgency into play

Here’s what the developer (Strange Attractor) has to say about the game:

“Welcome to Pendulous, Operator. Your help is requested to guide a displaced gear through the moving parts of this great machine. Swing from anchor to anchor, using shifting pipes and steam jets to hurry you along. But avoid the electrical arcs and twisting components that can send you tumbling into the deadly red mist below.”

  1. I was just doing a semi-regular pass for any new mentions of Pendulous and found your site. Thanks for the kind words, particularly for the comparison to Spider-Man. Our little gear would be so proud. While I’m here, I’ll check out a few of your recommendations; your commitment to supporting indies on XBLIG is evident and encouraging. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

    ~ Matthew, //dbg

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