Day 659: Aron 2: Mysterious Troubles

Posted: 2012/08/29 in Indie Games

Remember “Aron’s Journey in Dreamland”? You probably do, I didn’t review it even that long ago. Did you enjoy it? Did you beat it yet? If so, then do I have a deal for you. “Aron 2: Mysterious Troubles”. And it’s playing up its platformer/RPG hybrid elements, with a number of new features along for the ride.

Vehicles are now along for the ride, four in total, including ground, water, and space vehicles. The variety is impressive, and makes a big game even bigger. The game is still a huge open world, the character RPG apsects are still there, and switching between characters (Oddworld-style) is still there, so paired up with the new additions it’s well worth 240 Microsoft Points in my mind. The first one is both a different challenge and less costly, so I recommend playing it first and this one once you’ve beat it. On a side note, it’s neat that they managed to incorporate bosses into a game without levels (you just find them in key places within the big open world).

Here’s what the developer (Meruvia Game Studio) has to say about the game:

“Explore a big open world in this crazy Role Playing Platformer! Play with 3 different characters, drive a car, a bike, a boat or even a spaceship, buy equipment to get new abilities, chat with a bunch of villagers, travel through more than 100 levels in various landscapes and most of all discover a definitively crazy story, with a lot of surprises!”


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