Day 662: Pixel Blocked!

Posted: 2012/09/01 in Indie Games

Like a crazy mash-up of the “Golden Tangram” and Bust-A-Move, “Pixel Blocked!” is a brilliant 80 Microsoft Point game that has you shooting blocks at a puzzle, while spinning it, trying to land blocks strategically to fill in a pattern. Draw the picture and move on. Land a block somewhere else and the game will report that you are “Pixel Blocked!” and force a restart on that level.

However cool that does (or does not) sound, it’s actually cooler. The game has over 180 individual puzzles, with widely varying levels of challenge. The game rewards you with medals based on speed, offering replay value as you go back and try to blast through previously-finished puzzles more quickly.

The developer gets mad props for post-release support, delivering a comprehensive update many months after the initial release, and this was no mere bug fix. This update not only added features, it also was balsy enough to remove key features in the interest of game balance. The developer has lovingly pruned the feature set like a gardener who’s not afraid to both plant new crops and to weed out existing plants that no longer meet the garden’s needs. All in all, a great game that’s well worth adding to any puzzle game fan’s collection.

Here’s what the developer (damnigames) has to say about the game:

“Put your mind to the test with over 180 creative puzzles, all designed to challenge your spatial logic. The object of this simple yet challenging puzzle game is to fill in the missing blocks in the outlined image. Shoot blocks against an initial foundation to start and advance through increasingly difficult levels. Make sure to plan ahead and watch out for those tricky Magnetic and Crumble Blocks!”


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