Day 663: Minigame Marathon

Posted: 2012/09/02 in Indie Games

Now this is what I call variety. “Minigame Marathon” offers 26 retro-themed minigames. Where many collections have you select a game from a list and play that game until you select a new one, here you’re tasked with trying to blitz through each game as quickly as possible before being pushed onto the next one. Think WarioWare, and you have some idea what I mean.

Getting such a large collection of competently created games for 80 Microsoft Points would be enough value, but the game-within-the-game of trying to speed run through each in turn elevates it from good to great. Easily recommended.

Here’s what the developer (Battenberg Software) has to say about the game:

“Prepare yourself to get seriously retro with 26 challenging minigames that make up the Minigame Marathon. Choose one of four difficulty levels and try to pass the minigames in the fewest attempts and quickest time possible, using the highly-effective but highly-dangerous “fast forward” mode if required. Playable by one to four players, and includes online score sharing.”

  1. Dave says:

    Glad you like Minigame Marathon! And yes, it was loosely based on Warioware, which was definitely one of the great party games.

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