Day 669: Bub Block

Posted: 2012/09/08 in Indie Games

From the developers of “Craftimals: Build to the Sun” we have “Bub Block”, a game that takes a new twist on the formula popularised by Bomberman.

Whereas Bomberman had you moving around a maze, trying to entrap your opponents, “Bub Block” has you trying to create a maze that might entrap your opponent. Oh, and did I mention that the arena is full of spinning blades that want to kill every player that gets in their way?

The game’s pretty darn fun, but there’s a catch: it’s multiplayer only, there’s no singleplayer option at all. For a mere 80 Microsoft Points, and for a game that has a lot going for that, I don’t mind, but it will nonetheless not work at all for anyone who exclusively plays solo and online. For the rest of us, it’s a fantastic offline multiplayer extravaganza.

Here’s what the developer (Roppy Chop) has to say about the game:

“A frantic multiplayer battle where players trap each other with bricks while avoiding spinning blades. Fully customize your game from how fast the blades move to how many bricks you can carry to the ability to turn into a ghost after you die.”


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