Day 670: Gentlemen Start Your Engiiines

Posted: 2012/09/09 in Indie Games

With 43 cars simultaneously per race and a 80 Microsoft Point price tag, “Gentlemen Start Your Engiiines” is a nice looking, nice playing, arcade racer that’s similar to Daytona and similar classics.

That’s both a good and a bad thing. It doesn’t have online play, leagues, a create-a-racer mode, the ability to spray paint your car, or the other trimmings of modern racers. But neither did it’s inspiration, and we are talking about a game that costs a pittance and does what it does very well. I’m good with that. Note that this game was 240 points at launch, and maybe didn’t have quite enough content to justify that, but at 80 MSP it’s hit the right price IMO.

Here’s what the developer (Maximinus) has to say about the game:

“Experience the thrill of pack racing at high speed, dodging cars in the 43-car field at 200 MPH. Powerslide your way to victory! Brought to you by Maximinus.”


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