Day 671: Build ‘n Bump

Posted: 2012/09/10 in Indie Games

How do you improve upon your typical multiplayer brawler? By integrating the level creation tool into the game, and have people create their own levels before brawling across them, of course. “Build ‘n Bump” takes that very approach, and is all the better for it.

This comes to us from Roppy Chop who brought us “Craftimals: Build to the Sun” and “Bub Block”. “Build ‘n Bump” has simple enough gameplay, create a level, place things that bounce you in the air, and then try to jump on your opponents to kill them. It sounds too almost simple to be good, but the idea of quick and dirty level creation tools paired with fast and frantic gameplay is surprisingly compelling. Great for local multiplayer (there is no singleplayer) games, especially when you get people collaborating together in how to design the levels.

Here’s what the developer (Roppy Chop) has to say about the game:

“Inspired by the classic game Jump ‘n Bump, this retains all of the same head-stomping, multiplayer fun with a twist. You can build your own levels right before you play on them! Take turns using regular, platform, and spring blocks to create a unique battle field every time. Featuring colorful robots and customizable options, Build ‘n Bump is a great addition to any local multiplayer party.”

  1. I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for covering this and my other two games, so… thanks for trying them out! Your dedication to this website and the XBLIG channel is truly awesome.

    In regards to Build ‘n Bump, I recently built a free web version of the game ( if you’re interested. It’s limited to only two players but lets you edit the level at any time.

    • The work I put into this website is as nothing compared to the work that goes into coding a game, and I’m amazed that so many people do it as an indie effort (as opposed to those who’re paid up front to do it)!

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