Day 673: Attanck!3

Posted: 2012/09/12 in Indie Games

By now you may already know if you love or hate the Attanck! games. “Attanck!” introduced us to “Vindicators” as reimagined with a bit more freedom of movement, and a sheet of dot matrix paper to fight over. “Attanck!2” improved on the formula. Now e have “Attanck!3” which updates levels, game modes, and enemies. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but I’m not sure it should have tried to. For fans of the first two, it’s easily worth another 80 Microsoft Points for this second sequel.

Here’s what the developer (Daisy Maze Games) has to say about the game:

“Go retro in this arcade action title with unique gameplay and visual style. The 80s super computer is printing an ASCII army and it’s up to you to pilot the ASCII assault vehicle to put an end to the mayhem. Updated enemies, levels, and modes await you in this challenging game with retro controls and ASCII kicking style.”


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