Day 674: Mortal Legacies

Posted: 2012/09/13 in Indie Games

“Mortal Legacies” is an interesting beast. The presentation is purely aimed at fans of Japanese RPG gaming, and those western games that are influenced by it. However, while there’s a lot of side-questing and some puzzle solving, the story is a little on the light side (NPCs you meet don’t have a lot to say, characters who join your party don’t have the deepest backstories, etc.).

That puts the game kind of halfway between a JRPG and a “Rogue-like” (the latter generally being a randomnly generated dungeon adventure with simplistic graphics and no story to speak of). It’s an interesting hybrid that’s not going to be great for those who love narrative in their games, but very satisfying for those who like to quickly skip through all the cut-scenes and get back to the “killing things” part. The game takes advantage of modern HD resolutions (720p in this case), not to mention bigger and wider TVs, to give you a hugely zoomed out view for exploration which gives a great sense of scale for your exploration of the world. As long as this sounds like you, it’s 80 Microsoft Points well spent on a game with good presentation and solid action/combat; just don’t expect Proust.

Here’s what the developer (Ivatrixgames) has to say about the game:

“Mortal Legacies is a 2D Japanese Role Playing Game. Explore the world of Elisia in search of the lost crown while fighting powerful foes and finding friends to help you on your quest.”


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