Day 675: A Pixel Escape

Posted: 2012/09/14 in Indie Games

Now *THIS* is innovative and cool. A first-person platform/puzzle game hybrid. “A Pixel Escape” has you playing a pixel that’s trying to escape the monitor that has long held it captive. You attempt to explore a path to freedom through the monitor’s other pixels, using your special abilities, knowing that some actions will trigger enemies that will try to destroy you. As you defend yourself and try to chart a path to the outside, all of it in first-person perspective (unusual for either a platformer or a puzzler), you can bring up a map… one that brings up a 2D representation of the level that looks like a traditional puzzle game (a nice touch).

The game was a 2011 Dream.Build.Play contest semi-finalist, and comes complete with a level generator (and I’m a sucker for any game that’s both innovative and comes with a level generator!). Well worth 80 Microsoft Points for its personality alone.

Here’s what the developer (Kunga_Brothers) has to say about the game:

“Play the role of Pixel in this innovative First Person Puzzle-Platform game. As a little pixel your life has always been confined inside a small monitor… but now you have a dream: Escape!! Destroy existing pixels, create new ones and use your special abilities to find the exit. Either if you love mind-teasing puzzles or fast paced action, this game is what you are looking for!”


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