Day 677: Perdition

Posted: 2012/09/16 in Indie Games

I recently reviewed a pair of games that invoked one of the two famous Intellivision AD&D games (“Treasure of Tarmin”). Well, that other famous AD&D game for the Intellivision, simply called “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” at the time but later referred to as “Cloudy Mountain”, gets a nod from the Xbox Indie Game “Perdition”. (And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, just *look* at that awesome box art!)

And that’s all I needed to want to part with 80 Microsoft Points. The game has you adventuring through dungeons in a top-down 2D fashion, fighting spiders, snakes, bipedal enemies, and much more. One of the things that made AD&D: Cloudy Mountain so interesting was the exploration element, where you couldn’t see what was ahead of you (though you could often hear enemies nearby, if they were close enough). That feeling is replicated here through a “fog of war” technique that lets you see the ghosted out maze, but only lets you see enemies within a certain radius. Graphics are simplistic, but the gameplay hits all the right nostalgic notes, and it’s recommended for fans of both AD&D: Cloudy Mountain and others who’re looking for a Rogue-like-light.

Here’s what the developer (Samuel H. Potter) has to say about the game:

“Imprisoned for life… Sentenced to death… One chance of escape… Perdition is a dark fantasy hack-and-slash adventure by Amalgamation Softworks. Carve a bloody path across the dungeon as you evade traps, fight monsters, and search for items. Reach the surface and you will know freedom. Linger in the dark places and only death will find you. Tzuri is watching. Can you survive?”


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