Day 678: Apple Jack 2

Posted: 2012/09/17 in Indie Games

Waaaaaay back on day 63, over 600 consecutive days ago (where the hell did the time go?!) I reviewed “Apple Jack”, and it remains one of the best platformers on the Xbox in general (let alone Xbox Live Indie Games specifically). It was a given, then, that I’d be checking out “Apple Jack 2”. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Like with the first one, “Apple Jack 2” is a challenging game. Yet it doesn’t feel like a punishing game, the balance between challenge and pick-up-and-play feels just right to me.

The game’s influences are diverse. There’s the time rewinding element first popularised by “Blinx: The Time Sweeper” (though “Timeslip” may have been an even earlier influence), there are massive screen-filling characters that remind me of Bonk 3, and the throwing attacks of Super Mario Bros 2.

The game is attractive, offers massive combos, and tremendously well designed levels. 80 Microsoft Points for this game is an absolute no-brainer for platformer fans.

Here’s what the developer (My Owl Software) has to say about the game:

“Poor Apple Jack – slaving away in the offices of a plastics company just isn’t what apple-headed men were made for. 61 levels of varied puzzle-platform action await as he grabs enemies, hurls them together, runs, jumps, rolls, crushes, combos and rewinds his way through an epic new adventure!”


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