Day 679: TurboRocket 4

Posted: 2012/09/18 in Indie Games

Every once in a while I succumb to the iterative changes of the TurboRocket series, so today I picked up “TurboRocket 4”. I’ve enjoyed all the games in this series so far: “TurboRocket”, “TurboRocket 2”, and “TurboRocket 3”.

If I enjoy a game I don’t object to ponying up 80 Microsoft Points again, even if it’s not a revolutionary upgrade. Not all developers have the largesse of “BloodyCheckers” developer “BigCorporation” (where big content drops are given out freely), and I’m not even sure they should. The amount of work that went into that last big content update to “BloodyCheckers” would have easily warranted a sequel that people would have happily paid $1 (or so) for, to thank the developer for the tremendous work he put into it. While I’m not at all criticising such generosity, I won’t use it as a way to criticise another developer.

So if you like the Asteroids meets an arena shooter meets a maze puzzler gameplay of TurboRocket, this is worth a trial to see if there’s enough new here for you to pony up again.

Here’s what the developer ( has to say about the game:

“Account: This is a top-down 3d shooter. Purpose: Destroy and wipe out all enemies on each level. Reward: Joy and awesomeness. Variety: Play 1, 2 or 4 players at same screen Challenge: 8 custom-made levels.”


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