Day 682: 5MinRPG

Posted: 2012/09/21 in Indie Games

A bit like a tactics game, except in real-time. A bit like a Rogue-like, but with levels instead of sprawling dungeons. “5MinRPG” defies easy categorisation, has a lot of interesting elements, and is definitely worth a look for 80 Microsoft Points.

The first thing that’s kind of neat is its support for up to four players, something you don’t always see in tactics and/or rogue-like games. The game tasks you with using short-ranged melee weapons, long-ranged distance weapons, and healing spells as you tackle a game map that tasks you with defeating monsters, opening chests, and other tasks that can generally be completed in about five minutes. Opening chests in the game is always good, as there’s no “poisoned food” here, and better equipment is automatically equipped, which contributes to games that are fast and fluid due to the lack of inventory management.

As the game progresses the challenge does increase, and some of the later ones can be played for longer than five minutes, but througout the experience “5MinRPG” is impressive in its replay value (random maps) and its pick-up-and-play nature that keeps inspiring you to want to take just “one more turn”.

Here’s what the developer (Andreil Game) has to say about the game:

“Want to fight? Want some teamwork? You’ve only got 5 minutes? Try this game! Also contains skills, equipement, boss, random dungeons… Still here? I have a secret for you, you can play more than 5 minutes if you finish several dungeons, but don’t tell anyone.”


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