Day 683: Overdriven

Posted: 2012/09/22 in Indie Games

With some interesting features, and a healthy dose of personality, “Overdriven” has a great deal going for it.

What I like about it is that, while there isn’t a lot of story there, there’s nonetheless a lot of exposition. As the game develops, one of two anime-esque characters keep you informed of what’s coming and what’s going on (kind of like the play-by-play and colour commentary announcers of a televised sporting event). The personality this adds to the game is significant, and it also adds tension at the right moments as your advisors show visible fear.

“Overdriven” also has four player local co-op, and the signature overdriven feature that the game takes its name from: it redirects all power to the guns, slowing your movement to a crawl and damaging your health the entire time. Talk about your risk/reward scenarios! It’s a bit like the Wave Motion Gun in Yamato/Star Blazers, and that’s something that I can get behind.

The game also boasts a few gameplay tweaks (puzzle, QTE, and more) plus three difficulty levels, secret stages, lots of bosses, awardments, a ship upgrade system, and collectible alien artifacts to round it all out. Definitely worth 80 Microsoft Points in my book.

Here’s what the developer (CuchuGames) has to say about the game:

“Take the Overdriven ship and save the galaxy from an unknown enemy. 1 to 4 Players (Local Co-op), 7 Stages, 7 Secret Items, 7 Challenges, 6 Bosses, 3 Difficulties, 35 Alien Artefacts to find, 20 Awards, Local Highscores, 9 Ship’s Levels with Upgrades and Weapons! Original Gameplay elements (Dynamic Occluders, QTE, Puzzle), Instrumental Soundtrack available from the game Menu.”


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