Day 686: Aqualibrium

Posted: 2012/09/25 in Indie Games

Like the upgraded reincarnation of ’80s classic “H.E.R.O.”, “Aqualibrium”. This game has a tonne of great things going for it, and one downer. Let me explain.

“Aqualibrium” has you trying to get water from the top of each level, to the bottom. To do this you’re opening/closing gates, placing blocks, opening/closing doors, and have to do it all while avoiding enemies turrets, and more. Oh, and did I mention that sometimes the water is turned into acid?

The game has a veritable tonne of neat elements for puzzle platformer fans, not to mention a dose of nostalgia for H.E.R.O. as mentioned off the top. So what’s the downer? The controls are serviceable, but not as precise as some AAA platformer. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s the single greatest point of improvement I’d suggest to the developer if a title update is in the offing. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from checking out this brilliant game on that basis, and it’s well worth checking out for 80 Microsoft Points. And just because it make’s me happy, here’s H.E.R.O. for comparison purposes:

Here’s what the developer (Archifishal Software) has to say about the game:

“Submerged beneath a vast alien ocean, the cosmic-exploration vessel Orcna is gradually disintegrating… You open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by warning lights, creaking sounds, and the faintly audible sound of running water. With pressure building rapidly, you’ll need to evacuate the water quickly, avoiding malfunctioning guns and exotic aliens which are hellbent on your destruction.”


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