Day 687: Puzzle Cubicle

Posted: 2012/09/26 in Indie Games

“Puzzle Cubicle” has a simple and innovative premise that appealed to me: you are trying to put puzzle pieces together, but you aren’t shown what the overall picture is supposed to look like. This is head-scratchingly odd at first, but I liked it in execution. You aren’t, at least on the easier difficulty levels, having to move so many pieces around that it’s impossible to imagine after some experimentation what you’re trying to do. There’s still an inherent logic to which pieces fit with which, enough to come up with “Well, these two HAVE to go together” moment and slowly pull it all together. It has a lot of puzzles, several difficulty levels, an original soundtrack, and there are hints for when you get stuck. A unique game and worth its 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Geek Mode Games) has to say about the game:

“Puzzle Cubicle is a pure puzzle game with a twist on the traditional formula: you don’t know what you’re trying to reproduce. Challenging? Satisfyingly so! Don’t worry; we give you hints and restrictions so you can use your head and figure out the solutions. With a varied range of difficulties, 50 puzzles and an original soundtrack, this is more than enough to satisfy the puzzle lover in you!”


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