Day 688: Washington’s Wig

Posted: 2012/09/27 in Indie Games

In what even the developer suggests is likely historically inaccurate, “Washington’s Wig” is contest-winning forced-runner that has a lot of personality and charm.

The game won a contest on IGN and, though I can’t assert it was better than the competition, I can say that the final product seems deserving. “Washington’s Wig” oozes charm, with a dog (named Dogsworth McFreedom) racing to bring George Washington’s wig to him as he attempts to cross the delaware. British dogs and other hazards stand in your way, and there are collectibles to snag. It doesn’t re-invent the genre, but it is an enjoyable outing for people who’ve enjoyed a forced runner before. For those who didn’t, perhaps the irreverent sense of humour will draw you in. Either way, it’s worth a trial, and the full game costs 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Jacob Lewandowski) has to say about the game:

“Liberty… justice… freedom… dogs. Play as George Washington’s loyal canine, Dogsworth McFreedom, as he tries to return his master’s lost wig during one of the most audacious surprise attacks in military history: The crossing of the Delaware River. Four modes of running, jumping and platforming.”


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