Day 691: Go Gimbal Go

Posted: 2012/09/30 in Indie Games

Like the love child of SNES classic Uniracers, Xbox Indie and Windows Phone hit “CarneyVale Showtime”, and infused with a lot more storyline than any of its inspirations, “Go Gimbal Go” is an ambitious and very fun 240 Microsoft Point indie effort, and it’s worth every point.

Compared to Uniracers, here you can grab platforms and wires to catapult you to areas and try to find collectible and short-cuts that can’t be accessed otherwise (hence the CarneyVale connection). The addition of a narrative is also a nice bonus. The game looks good, plays smoothly, and feels a bit like a speedy platformer (ala the classic 2D Sonics). Absolutely worth the download.

Here’s what the developer (“Gimbal_Lock_Studios”) has to say about the game:

“Go Gimbal Go is a challenging 2D platformer starring Gimbal, a hero out to save the world from the evil robot ‘King Commandroid’. Using his turbo speeds and stretching Grabber arm abilities, he races across rainbow pathways with high-speed gameplay, physic bending jumps, and countless secret paths, in 24 levels all designed for difficulty and re-playability. Go, Gimbal! Go!”


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