Day 693: Obsessive Collecting Disorder

Posted: 2012/10/02 in Indie Games

Do you enjoy platformers? Do you like punishing platformers? Do you have a habit of trying to collect everything while being punished in a platformer? Then “Obsessive Collecting Disorder” is for you.

The game has a simple and clean visual aesthetic that somehow accentuates, rather than takes away, from the visceral nature of the death on display. And you will die a lot, let there be no doubt. Then there’s the collecting element.

Oh yes, this is the game’s strength and it’s achilles heel, depending on who you are as a player. If you love the collecting element of platformers then you’ll probably enjoy this 80 Microsoft Point game. But beware; if you’re the type of person who gets frustrated if you can’t find and collect every little coin, gem, ring, or what have you, then you might find “Obsessive Collecting Disorder” just a bit much for your tastes. It is definitely worth a trial, however.

Here’s what the developer (Hyped Hamster) has to say about the game:

“Ever wanted to know just how obsessed with collecting you are? Obsessive Collecting Disorder is a platformer designed to test you to your collecting limits, 70 levels of hardcore collecting action await…. get rated today!”


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