Day 695: Absolute War

Posted: 2012/10/04 in Indie Games

I love strategy games, but there aren’t a lot of good ones on the Xbox. “Absolute War” is one to add to the good list.

The game has a lot of depth to it, enough that you might find yourself returning to the tutorial (which is also good) to pick up nuances you might have missed the first time. I loved Alien Vs. Predator on the Atari Jaguar so the game’s three-faction motif (humans vs. aliens vs. robots) works well for me, and the three factions here feel sufficiently distinct for my liking. I like the mix of strategy, action, and tower defence, all playing on on big maps with piles of units, and all of the above is enhanced by an upgrade system for units and the ability to have units take cover in the battlefield.

Presentation is colourful and works well, despite the occasional rough-around-the-edged element. But what really elevates the game, and something I dearly miss in too many strategy games (especially on colsoles), is the inclusion of a level editor! Most strategy games that include level editors benefit from them, and “Absolute War” absolutely does.

Here’s what the developer (Gnol Wehttam Inc.) has to say about the game:

“Aliens, Humans, and Robots collide! Play one of the pre-loaded game maps, or create your own mayhem using the Level Editor. Choose your faction and complete wave-by-wave of increasingly difficult enemy personnel. Manage your personnel by making the most out of points received by purchasing ammo, upgrades, special abilities, and vehicles. Make use of cover and towers to win the War of Absolution.”


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