Day 701: SEAL Team 12

Posted: 2012/10/10 in Indie Games

Coming from, of all things, the developer of the previously reviewed “Bird Assassin” comes “SEAL Team 12”, a loving homage to the ’80s classic “Commando” that dials things up to 11, and then dials them up a little bit more.

The game, smartly, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Or at all seriously. I mean, you’re fighting the evil “Guardians of Devastation”, frequently shortened to “GOD”, and the game is rife with religious in-jokes (warning, may offend some). The over-the-top enemies deal over-the-top deaths to over-the-top friendlies, that force you to come with over-the-top payback. And payback is plentiful, with lots of enemies to slay and big weapons to hoist into battle. Red-shirted friendlies are killed, with you coming in to save your “ensign expendable” now-deceased friends, as an example of the game’s humour. The dialogue is rife with personality, in a good way.

Gameplay-wise, the game doesn’t reinvent the wheel but what is here is competently done. Graphics are attractive, controls are tight, and weapons variety is good. Explosives are aplenty, enemy vehicles have to be taken down, enemy trenches have to be navigated around, etc. There are vehicles to commandeer here, and in that sense the game plays out a bit like XBLA hit Assault Heroes in reverse (mostly on foot, but the occasional vehicle). Bosses are suitably huge, imposing, and satifying to (finally) kill. Most of the game’s innovation is in its (potentially controversial) presentation, but there’s a solid game here worth playing for those who aren’t easily offended. 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Social Loner Studios_0) has to say about the game:

“The Guardians Of Devastation (GOD) is set to destroy the world. This evil terrorist organization will stop at nothing. As a member of the elite SEAL Team 12, you must stop them at all costs. Don’t let GOD destroy the world!”


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