Day 704: Asphalt Jungle 2

Posted: 2012/10/13 in Indie Games

The original “Asphalt Jungle” was a pretty simple game inspired by Pipemania and other tile-spinning puzzlers and, though I never reviewed it, it was actually pretty good. “Asphalt Jungle 2”, while still not being what you would call “a looker”, is actually an audio/video upgrade over the original. It also seems to have a few new wrinkles in gameplay, too, with some special tiles to consider.

The core of the game has you keeping a car running. You spin tiles to create a route. Working fast rewards you with more time to plan out the optimum route, but work too fast and you may not consider your options enough and squander opportunities. As the car drives through a tile it disappears. The car can pass across the edge of the screen, provided you line up a route correctly. If the car drives into the end of a road then the level is over. It’s a simple and enjoyable formula that’s worth its 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Hoelkosoft) has to say about the game:

“The road building game is back.”


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