Day 706: Sherbet Thieves

Posted: 2012/10/15 in Indie Games

Taking a somewhat different take on twin-stick shooters, “Sherbet Thieves” has you on the defensive, defending interplanteary sherbet farms from (I kid you not) “Space Stoners” who have the munchies.

Since most dual-stick shooters have you always on the offensive, having to play base defence is a little different, and interesting to me. Enemies will try to grab your orbital farms and pull them to a waiting UFO, so you have some time to intervene if they snag one. It plays out quite differently from most two-stick shooters (with only “Zombiez 8 My Cookiez” coming to mind as another defensively-minded twin-stick game, though I wouldn’t bet my life that another one or two weren’t hidden somewhere in the first 705 games I reviewed), and is worth 80 Microsoft Points if you haven’t played one in a while and/or are looking for something a little different.

Here’s what the developer (Bang Zero Bang) has to say about the game:

“The orbital sherbet farms are under attack! Strap on your jetpack and defend the delicious crop from aliens, space stoners with munchies, and sherbet pirates! Twin-stick sherbet defense gimmick excitement awaits! Grab a friend for co-op sherbet party!”

  1. Dave says:

    I’m 50% of the developers of this game, and just wanted to say we’ve updated the game to Sherbet Thieves: Moonshine Edition for free on Xbox Indie Games, and it is also now available for PC via Indievania and Desura.

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