Day 707: Inferno!

Posted: 2012/10/16 in Indie Games

Many games promise “100% Retro Action”, but “Inferno!” tickles my nostalgia bone particularly by looking like a mid-to-late ’80s Amiga game. And for me, that’s a very good thing.

Playing a bit like Qix, a bit like Pac Man, and a bit like a rail shooter, the game has you collecting objects, sucking up lava, shooting enemies, avoiding stationary turrets, and doing so while managing your health and making sure you don’t run out of ammo when you need it most. You move along the tracks of a level, sussing out the objectives you need to meet and the best path to get to them. The game is simple enough, but gets harder as you progress at a nice clip. I found it well worth 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Archifishal Software) has to say about the game:

“Due to an unexplained freak accident the power plant on TVOD-1 has suddenly gone past its safety point and is nearing meltdown. As a crack member of the Allumanian defence unit, you have been drafted in to pilot a lone ship capable of extinguishing the radioactive core on TVOD-1. Good luck!”

  1. Nick says:

    Classic plot!

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