Day 710: Who is God

Posted: 2012/10/19 in Indie Games

Magiko Gaming first brought us “PLATFORMANCE : Castle Pain”, then “PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death”, and both introduced us to super-hard platforming die-’em-up action where lives are unlimited and difficulty is persistent. Their follow-up is “Who is God”? Huh, this I had to see.

“Who is God” has you climbing to heaven as one of four deities. It’s a bit like Machiavelli’s Ascent (which I reviewed, if you can believe it, 706 days ago… crazy) and other forced climbers. Where this game does things I don’t think I’ve seen before is how it treats the platforms you land on. While some disappear as soon as you jump off them (which is fairly standard fare for this genre), other platforms trigger new ones to appear. There are stars to collect that you can use to give you a boost, and some platforms steal some of your star power. I think this will be enjoyed by fans of forced climbers, but (with the star power system) might also connect with some gamers who don’t normally like the genre. 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Magiko Gaming) has to say about the game:

“Rise as the supreme God in this techno supercharged vertical platformer by jumping thousands of kilometers up to the universe. Collects bright stars to build your godly power and boost higher. Only the best God will prevail. Can you go high enough and shine at the top of the scoreboard?”


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