Day 716: Platform Hack

Posted: 2012/10/25 in Indie Games

Some games that are a little rough around the edges, despite some promising elements, don’t make the cut for my review. Others, such as “Rainbow Ball into Adventure”, are actually improved by the experience. “Platform Hack” is somewhere in between, with rough elements that actually end up being charming, and a few neat ideas that elevate into review (and purchase) status.

The most obvious difference is that it’s a side-scrolling platformer with a leveling system, with the game allowing you to divy up your upgrades between offence, defence, and exploration-themed stats. There’s a bit of a story here too, which works in the game’s favour as well. Don’t expect something using the CryEngine, but I enjoyed it and it’s worth a download for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Daydalus) has to say about the game:

“Platform Hack is mashup of a hack and slash RPG with a platform jumper. Explore massive maze-like worlds to slay enemies, find keys and unlock doors, all while jumping, dodge and swinging over chasms and past traps.”


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