Day 718: Vidiot Game

Posted: 2012/10/27 in Indie Games

As I search for the hidden gems of the indie games catalogue, one daily review at a time, I have frequently remarked over the last 700+ days that I am amazed that many of these games aren’t being talked about far and wide. However, with the “Vidiot Game”, I know exactly why: it’s creative, mostly lacking in any structure, and easily one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever played. But that doesn’t make it bad, not at all.

If you thought Techno Kitten Adventure made perfect sense to you, if you never asked yourself why you would be leading a “Rainbow Ball into Adventure”, then you’re a strong candidate for this title. One interesting side-effect of its bizarro-rama is that the gameplay is tremendously varied.

I live in Canada where one of the hosts of our national music video station is a cigar smoking sock puppet, so this level of bizarro-rama doesn’t seem that odd to me. If you liked the variety of Nintendo’s Wario-Ware, but with the strange-ness cranked up to 11, then this is worth a trial. 80 Microsoft Points if you end up wanting the full meal deal.

Here’s what the developer (GZ Storm) has to say about the game:



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