Day 723: Ninja Exorcist Episode 1

Posted: 2012/11/01 in Indie Games

What if you paired the visual aesthetic of ’80s classic “The Last Ninja”, mix in some supernatural elements ala “Ninja Gaiden”, add a dash of the massive bosses from “Ninja Spirits” (last seen as a pack-in game for the Turbo Duo), and you’d probably have “Ninja Exorcist Episode 1”. And a recent title update has made the game dramatically better and easily worth 80 Microsoft Points.

What, you want more? OK, fine. “Ninja Exorcist Episode 1” probably feels more like Castlevania (or is that Metroid… or is that Mega Man X?) more than it does any of the games I previously mentioned, I suppose. And while I’m in the mood for name dropping, the difficulty level reminds me a bit of Karateka (just because I like typing “Karateka”). You climb walls, explore, attack enemies, swing around like Pitfall Harry (another name drop, hah!), and do it all in front of gorgeous hand drawn backgrounds. I love everything about this game, and the fact that the developer is still providing free after-sale support elevates it to “must buy” status.

Here’s what the developer (Nebula Game Studios) has to say about the game:

“Big title update for Ninja Exorcist, makes the ambitious action-adventure stealth game from Nebula Game Studios, with hours of metroidvania type exploration in 19 big stages, an awesome RPG-like upgrade tree and character leveling better than ever. Updates include stealth training mode, Scythe weapon, and tons of bug fixes including stealth and combat refinement. See in-game for details.”


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