Day 724: “Angry Fish: Halloween”

Posted: 2012/11/02 in Indie Games

Some people get right into Hallowe’en. Others pretty much ignore it until they buy Hallowe’en candy on clearout after the holiday is over. Today’s review is perfect for the latter camp, as we have a Hallowe’en-themed review a little after Hallowe’en to go perfect with that huge bag of tiny chocolate bars you just bought. I present to you: “Angry Fish: Halloween”.

By now, presuming you’ve played “FishCraft”, “Angry Fish”, or “Angry Fish: Deep Sea”, you have some idea of what you’re in for. With each iteration of the series I’ve found slight tightening of the physics and a generally slightly better experience, but you’re really here just for another whack of levels. And what’s wrong with that? 63 more levels for your 80 Microsoft Points, with all the Hallowe’en trappings for those who want them (and easily ignored for those who don’t).

Here’s what the developer (Frozen Software) has to say about the game:

“The Angry Fish are enjoying a hauntingly fun Halloween, when the cats decide they want something more tasty than candy or birds. After a successful trick the cats have the treat they have been after. Now its up to the fish to rescue their friends in 63 action packed levels!!”


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