Day 726: The Rise of Gaddafish

Posted: 2012/11/04 in Indie Games

Some games enjoy virtually universal acclaim, such as anything with “radiangames” in the title. Then you have games that divide the community, such as anything made by “Baller Industries”. Their first game, “Get Rich or Die Gaming”, actually sold well and has a lot of fans, and yet many others have no time for their games at all. That’s understandable. And yet, “The Rise of Gaddafish” may actually win over a few people that “Get Rich or Die Gaming” didn’t. I stress, may.

Unlike its predecessor, the art in “The Rise of Gaddafish” is actually quite good for the most part (especially the character art). It’s another point and click adventure, and it’s again not a particularly challenging one. You’re really here to enjoy the ridiculous story, the crazy (and I do mean crazy) characters, and the zaniness for zaniness’s sake.

If you absolutely hate things that are sometimes weird just to be weird (“Kids in the Hall”, “Monty Python”, etc.), then stay away. Far away. Otherwise, download it. The humour can be uneven at times, but you’ll likely find some of it genuinely funny and worth your 80 Microsoft Points. It’s certainly trying hard.

Here’s what the developer (Baller Industries) has to say about the game:

“Wilson Cooper has turned into a fish and swum to war torn Libya. Alone and with no money, he must learn to take care of himself in the midst of a civil war.”

  1. Rise of Gaddafish surprised me by being less than terrible. The previous game, Rock Bottom, was pretty abysmal but Rise of Gaddafish has raised Baller Industries’ bar a bit. Some parts actually got a chuckle from me, which is a big improvement.

    • I skipped Rock Bottom, but the improvement in the art here grabbed my attention; these games are far from perfect, but there’s… something there. As I say, go in expecting a “Kids in the Hall” or “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” experience where you’re constantly being offered “Now, for something completely different”, or stay far, far away. :)

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