Day 731: Avatar Trivia Party 2

Posted: 2012/11/09 in Indie Games

Mike Ventron who previously brought us “Avatar Trivia Party”, “Bonded Realities”, “Andromium”, and the currently un-reviewed “Hyper Button”, has done his first sequel: “Avatar Trivia Party 2”.

The first game may not have been Mike most ambitious, but it was arguably his most entertaining. “Avatar Trivia Party 2” ramps things up with new (generally more challenging) questions and a faster pace. It already had online play and all the basics covered, so this 80 Microsoft Point refresh was all it needed to be worth another download (especially if you’d experienced enough of the first game’s trivia to need a new slew of questions just due to familiarity alone).

Here’s what the developer (MikeVentron) has to say about the game:

“The hit online trivia game is back and better than ever! A more hectic board game and more challenging questions will put your intelligence and luck (or your Avatar’s!) to the test!”


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