Day 732: Rock, Paper, Lazers

Posted: 2012/11/10 in Indie Games

I love it when a developer adds a simple wrinkle to a tried-and-true formula, coming up with something that’s simultaneously familiar yet definitely different. So it is with “Rock, Paper, Lazers”, which takes the twin-stick shooter genre and adds an element I haven’t seen before: the game takes place in two side-by-side arenas, and you teleport between them.

The presentation resembles that of a so-called “doodle” game, but it works well because the two playfields are represented as two side-by-side pages of a book (and with the growing popularity of e-books, paper books may soon seem “retro”). But here’s where it gets interesting: while many enemies and enemy shots are restricted from leaving the playfield they’re in, some enemies (and some enemy shots) *can* cross the playfields; it forces you to keep fine concentration on the one you’re in, while keeping half-an-eye on the other playfield. Another reason to pay some attention to the other playfield is that, if things get too hot in the one you’re in, you may be able to teleport to the other.

Offline multiplayer is here as well, leading to some interesting decisions with regard to which playfield you wish to be in (especially if friendly fire is turned on, given the amount of shots in the air in a typical dual-stick shooter). “Rock, Paper, Lazers” covers the basic well, and does enough new and interesting, making it an easy 80 MSP recommendation.

Here’s what the developer (Cubegg) has to say about the game:

“Who says paper always wins? When was the last time you stopped a flying rock with a piece of paper?! It’s time you witnessed the true power, of the almighty ROCK!! Now equipped with lazers, rockets and other assorted weaponry. Not to mention the teleportation do-hickey’s…..So now it’s time to fight for your survival in the ultimate game of Rock, Paper, Lazers!!”


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