Day 733: Slick

Posted: 2012/11/11 in Indie Games

A quick review today as I’m fighting off a bit of a cold, but “Slick” is a platformer that has nostalgia written all over it. Looking like something from the “creamed spinach colour” era of Game Boy games, this is one game that’s pushing all the right buttons for those of us who played mobile games of a certain era (even if I was more of an Atari Lynx fan, truth be told).

The game is hard. Quite hard, in fact. I certainly haven’t beat it, but I’m OK with that. I didn’t beat many games of that era anyway, nor was it important for me to do so. Heck, having started on the Intellivision (a system where almost no games even *had* an end), I wasn’t trained to expect an end, or to feel it important to reach it.

A warning though that those who get easily irritated by punishing platformers may find the difficulty level here unappealing early on. However, those who like un-ending challenge may find it here, but even those of us who get a dozen or two levels in and then move on to something else (the game has a lot more levels than that) will still have gotten our 80 Microsoft Points out of it.

Here’s what the developer (Halcyon Softworks) has to say about the game:

“Relive the classic era of platforming. Hop, bop, and journey with Mick Slick through five treacherous worlds and one hundred levels ranging in difficulty from simple to hellish nightmare. Features original tunes by John William Cleary.”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Go figure….you review Slick while sick. Hope you get to feeling better.

    BTW….you gonna make it 3 years everyday or whats your plans?

    • Good question. At one point I thought I might stop a little past the 400 mark, but that obviously didn’t happen. I will stop when one of the following happens:

      – life gets in the way (job, other commitments)
      – I run out of “hidden gems”, meaning the supply of quality games that aren’t new releases dries up.

      There are lots of great sites doing hot new releases, the world doesn’t need another hot new release XBLIG site. Over time the number of good, unreviewed XBLIGs has continued to drop (fewer than 365 great indie games have been released each year, in other words), so at some point it will likely be decided for me. :)

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