Day 736: Drooop!!

Posted: 2012/11/14 in Indie Games

Was yesterday’s May 2010 game not deep enough into the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) catalogue for you? If so, today’s March 2010 game might be more up your alley. “Drooop!!” is a puzzle game that isn’t one of the legions of “match-x” games that have flooded the market in the wake of successes like Bejeweled. It’s different, and that’s part of what I liked about it.

The game puts you at the top of a latticework, with shifting goals depending on the level. Most levels have you strategically spinning sections of the latticework to free sections so that they can fall away. You may do this in a specific order, you may do it to collect something, or you may do it to drop an enemy to their death. That’s a simple enough mechanic, but its many permutations are what’s impressive. There are also levels where you will have to jump around the latticework, or to cross a chasm.

I suppose if you were to draw similarities it’s a bit like the goal of Bust-A-Move paired with the mechanics of Droplitz, but that’s a real oversimplification that doesn’t do it justice. I’d recommend a download of this 80 Microsoft Point game.

Here’s what the developer (TokyoGameBros) has to say about the game:

“Move player to turn the field. If you clear all conditions, an exit will appear. Let’s complete all stages! You can also play the endless mode.”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    GREAT FUN! Can’t believe I had d/l this game before and didn’t buy it……or put on my list to buy at some point. Love the music on this game….reminds me of the old school games!

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