Day 737: Jewelry Master Twinkle Light

Posted: 2012/11/15 in Indie Games

The un-reviewed “Jewelry Master Twinkle” is a 400 Microsoft Point game that tries to meld puzzle game mechanics with the motif of a Japanese date sim game (where you must play through the puzzle levels to achieve a date with each girl, in turn). Yeah, I passed on that one. So what am I doing reviewing “Jewelry Master Twinkle Light”? Simple: the mechanics of the first game had always interested me, even if the price and motif didn’t. “Jewelry Master Twinkle Light” tones down the dating-sim elements (only one girl is now present, easily ignored if you wish) and drops the price to 80 Microsoft Points.

What I like about the game itself is that most puzzle games have you clearing lines, or grouping objects, to clear space. What’s a little different about “Jewelry Master Twinkle Light” is that you must do both; gems drop that must be cleared using a grouping technique, whereas stones drop that must be arranged into a line across the entire screen (Tetris-style) to be cleared.

Having to simultaneously juggle the two mechanics is really cool, and worth 80 Microsoft Points to me. I also like that the controls are customisable (why do more games not do this?!). I’m prepared to simply ignore the rest of the package, digital dates and all.

Here’s what the developer (ARIKA CO LTD) has to say about the game:

“Jewelry Master Twinkle become easier and re-release ! The jewels drop one after another. Join the jewels and enclose by the stones to erase ! The Graphics and the scenarios are changeable. It will depend on game play. You can enjoy the game kind of like a date. The game system has been changed. It’s Especially recommended for beginners ! ©ARIKA CO.,LTD.2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.”


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